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Cloud Ready

Vigilate is specialized in the realization of advanced products and systems for the security industry. The most innovative and winning technologies are used for the realization of effective and competitive products and systems.
Vigilate’s products are developed with concepts of distributed intelligence, ensuring each one a specific security function. It follows the possibility of creating distributed and scalable security architectures, which can be easily integrated in control logics from remote, or in web technology, even arriving to propose, only ones in the world, security architectures in Cloud Computing technology.


The distributed and integrated intelligence in scalable architecture is the concept that pushes Vigilate in a continuous search for solutions more and more automated and efficient.
To have automatic notifications simultaneously and accessible by web from multiple authorized operators, allows you to reduce or eliminate the concept of obsolete and ineffective control rooms.
Deploy intelligent technology in the territory is the paradigm that led Vigilate to be considered a company pioneer in the field of security and surveillance evolved.

Prodotti intelligenza distribuita

Hardware Technology

We developed specific hardware solutions dedicated to embedded realtime video analysis image on field to reduce connectivity costs and improve automatic performance of control.

soluzioni hardware embedded

Software Technology

We develop video analysis algorithms using merged technologies between mathematical and neural networks approach to obtain the best result in term of recognition and reliability.

software sistemi di sicurezza