If you are a dealer, are you looking for innovative and high value added products?

Vigilate is looking for a commercial professional net, able to receive the business innovations and propose them to the market, forming and supporting the system integrator, so that they  can use opportunely and with satisfaction the Vigilate products.

The security 2.0 is a necessity!

The market is already asking for products which increase the security in a simple and reliable way, the delay is in the offer of the technology producers. Vigilate wants to answer this type of question but, to do this, needs  commercial partners disposed  to propose the new solution, new methodologies of sale, necessarily different respect to the habitual ones.


You are a system integrator, are you looking for an eth dealer?

The Vigilate distribution net is organized for macro sector: Security, Traffic.
Even if at times the operating security and traffic limits superimpose themselves, above all with ANPR products, the applicatory dynamics of the installed systems are definitely diversified and, therefore, they need deeply different expertise.
Vigilate thinks that be able to count on prepared sale figures and able to provide advices as regards the product use in its reference market, it could represent a strong value added for the System Integrator which prepare to plan and propose innovative and effective solutions.