Intelligent DVR

    SekuENGINE Traffic: DVR IP per Telecamere AID (Automatic Incident Detection)


    • Sensor bridge system
    • DVR System
    • Integrates sensors and cameras
    • Two 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet port
    • From 4 to 16 IP or Analog channels
    • On-board “Blob Motion Tracking” image analysis
    • Xentinel platform compatible

Technical specifications


Building management made easy: v-ENGINE is designed to manage all devices of the v-ENGINE is designed to integrate and manage  any device in a security system. It seamlessly merges the intrusion detection system, the video surveillance system and the access control system, all in one machine.

Performance: v-ENGINE can directly connect up to 256 sensors, 16 analog or IP camera, and can integrate other units, such as  fire detectors, access control systems and DVRs.

Data: Data and High Definition images are stored inside the machine in H264, MJPEG or MPEG4 format. v-ENGINE supports also Low Definition streaming  to a remote Xentinel supervisor in a public Cloud Structure or in a Private Cloud structure.  On demand retrieval of HD images  stored in the machine  is also supported.

Installation: v-ENGINE is very user friendly: available in rack and embedded versions, it supports extended temperature range (-10°C to 50°C) .

    • All in one
    • Intrusion detection system
    • CCTV system
    • Access Control system
    • Smoke and fire detection system

v-ENGINE is your unique security system manager: it can  integrate IP or analog cameras, and allows connecting to other existing security systems. It supports local management through a touch screen panel and remote access  with a supervisor Xentinel platform, both in a public existing Cloud Computing structure or in a “private” Cloud Computing architecture.
v-ENGINE is modular: multiple v-ENGINE can be connected together transparently and be managed as a single unit. On-board and transmitted data  are secured by proprietary encrypted protocols ensuring the highest level of privacy and protection.

PROCESSOR: Quadcore 1.8 Ghz to 2.54Ghz depending on the model
MEMORY: From 2 to 8 GB RAM DDR3 depending on the model
STORAGE: From 0,5 to 2 TB HD depending on the model
PORT & I/O: N°2 10/100/1000 Ethernet port
N°2 USB2 ports front panel
N°4 Input Contact N.O.
N°2 Output Relay
SECURITY LIBRARIES: Blob Motion Tracking Intrusion Detection
Cross Line Intrusion Detection
Blind Detection
Tracks and trajectory
Pointer function with Dome automatic tracking & Zoom
POWER SUPPLY: 12 VDC from 10W to 50W depending on the model
DIMENSIONS: 375 x 70 x 295 mm
WEIGHT: Approx. 3 Kg
HUMIDITY: 80% Relative humidity non condensing
OPTIONS: Mechanical rack mounting
Hot backup machine
I/O Ethernet external module
4-8-16 Channels video encoder

Code: Intel® Processor Memory Analog Channel IP Channel HD GB Ethernet Digital Out Digital In
S Quadcore 1.8 Ghz 2GB 500 2 2 4
 D0 Quadcore 1.8 Ghz 2GB 2 500 2 2 4
 D1 Quadcore 1.8 Ghz 4GB 4 500 2 2 4
 D2 Quadcore 2.54GHz 4GB 8 1000 2 2 4
 D3 Quadcore 2.54GHz 8GB 16 2000 2 2 4

Code IP Channel
 D4 Software 32
 D5 Software 50
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