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Biometric Access Control

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software riconoscimento facciale biometrico


  • Bank Entrance, ATM
  • Military installations
  • Jewelers, Luxury Shop
  • Sensitive Infrastructures
  • Ports, Airports, Hospital

Biometric Recognition

v-FACE is a privacy-compliant IP-based recognition system that detects human faces and processes them automatically, monitoring the transit of people through checkpoints and access passages in restricted areas and in many other applications where intelligent association of personal identity and permission rights is needed. Option for cross-controls with identification documents and badge devices can also be implemented.

v-FACE software also permits for cross-checking between the biometric profiles and personal ID codes, thus supporting diversified access security levels. Several passages can be managed contemporarily and people?s pathways across hierarchic gates can be tracked. Biometric maps of individuals are finally deleted once exited from the restricted area. Only their pathway record is kept for a time span that is definable by the GUI in accordance with privacy constraints for the installation.


v-MASK is a privacy-compliant IP-based recognition system that detects masked human faces and enables the transit just in case of uncover face.
Adopted particularly by banks in the access cabinl, v-MASK is a device able to increase the level of security of the building by preventing dangerous situations.

software riconoscimento volti antimascheramento