Professional products designed for Automatic Incident Detection application (AID), characterized by an excellent price / performance ratio. Based on embedded technology integrates hardware and software specifically designed to maximize the performance of image analysis and recording directly on the product. The AID library allows various types of traffic analysis that generate statistic data and automatic alarm situations. The products provide automatic video streamings related to the alarms; the video streamings are locally recorded and sent over IP connection for remote control. The products are integrated with XPlate and XTraffic software platforma maded by Vigilate.

Discover the Power of Vigilate AID Devices – v-ENGINE Traffic & v-CAM Traffic

v-ENGINE TRAFFIC and v-CAM Traffic are ALL IN ONE products designed for Automatic Incident Detection applications and road traffic flow for analysis.
They are equipped with on-board processors, video analytic softwares,  local storage, Ethernet port, digital input-output, web interface.

Software analytics

The AID algorithms familiy of Vigilate allows to control simultaneously the following allarm conditions:.

    • Stopped vehicle (line occupation)
    • Traffic slow speed
    • Queue
    • Stopped queue
    • Wrong direction
    • Smoke in tunnel (lost visibility – fog)
    • Pedestrian detection

Statistics data:

    • Counting vehicles per line
    • Vehicles classification in 3 classes
    • Occupancy per line

v-ENGINE Traffic

A complete video monitoring systems for roads, highways, and tunnels, based on Automatic Incident Detection (AID) algorithms and content and behavior analysis, these systems interface perfectly not only with classic analogue and/or digital TVCC systems, but also with automation, security, and supervisory control systems (e.g., SCADA).
The use of video analysis algorithms makes it possible to promptly receive notifications of traffic incidents and/or anomalies and to record significant statistical data, such as transiting vehicle count, average traffic speed and density, and vehicle classification.
v-ENGINE Traffic system is ideal for complex safety architectures: thanks to its excellent and guaranteed ability to integrate, it ensures a safety result that is superior to the sum of the individual technologies composing the whole system.