TDS Telescopic Detection System

The Fastest Way to Control Your Critical Areas

The TDS System

TDS is a modular product which offers a professional solution to any external surveillance need with a mast application. TDS allows a 180°or 360° coverage of areas to be protected, thus ensuring day and night detection of human intrusion as well as intrusion of cars.

TDS is made of a technologic, telescopic mast, available in three different heights, with a technical head at its top, which houses vision equipment and image processing systems, as well as data transmission systems.

These technological elements ensure professional height-installations, with quick and easy maintainability at ground without the need of aerial platforms: the mast is retracted and the technological head is taken to the ground, so that it can be cleaned and – if need be – maintained.

A set of options is also available for the system, which can be therefore adapted to any external surveillance need:

  • The precast concrete platform, especially designed for the TDS system, which allows for an easy ground anchoring.
  • A shelter at the base of the mast, which can house Energy recovery equipment by protecting it from the elements and from malicious damage.
  • A trailer, for the transport and temporary placement of the system.
  • A mobile HTD structure (high trust detector structure), which ensures self sufficiency in energy and movement, even on off-road surfaces.
Brochure TDS Eng

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