Licenza software v-ENGINE D4 (32 video channels ip)

Technical features

Software for the management of 32 ip h264 RTSP / MJPG streams according to the hardware characteristics
(it is expected that the client will supply the necessary hardware):
  • Intelligent NVR-DVR system with advanced video analysis directly on board
  • Available algorithms: Blob Motion Tracking; Track & trace; Pointer; People Counter, Anti-climb.
  • Manage 32 video channels
  • Video channel analyses  real-time images at VGA @ 5fps resolution up to 25 channels simultaneously
  • Recording up to two H264 streams per channel  internal or external NAS storage 
  • Communication protocols for 3rd part anti-intrusion integration , 3rd part anti-fire systems integration  and  3rd part access control system integration (*)
  • Simple Remote I/O devices management
  • Xentinel supervision platform compatibility
  • Cloud computing ready
  • Integration framework with the Xentinel supervisor;
  • Web based configuration software
  • Operation control panel
(*) Request the list of certified integrable devices. To integrate new devices, contact the sales office.