The scalable platform for security management in Cloud computing and Private local

Xentinel is an integrated security platform, modern, scalable, Cloud, able to manage in a homogeneous and simple way the devices and systems that form the modern security infrastructures such as: video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion systems, fire protection systems, etc …

Available in Web version for remote use and in Windows application version for control panel

There are several resources to manage to have a complete control of security:
area sensors, live video and video surveillance camera recordings, signals and alarms coming from the burglar alarm, fire and intruder control panels, ANPR readings of suspect license plates or associated with stolen vehicles, in general multiple signals and alarms coming from the monitored systems; Xentinel with its many features aims as the ideal partner for the management of all this.
Knowing that there can not be a security strategy without sharing information, Vigilate provides a platform able to offer stability in the operations center with complex and intelligent TVCC videowalls and sharing, scalability and speed of access to information with an even Web version for all those (police and private) who are involved in the management of critical situations and interventions in the area.

  • Controllo TVCC

    Supervisione video in realtime e video storici

  • Gestione degli allarmi

    Eventi di allarme, procedure di gestione, storico eventi

  • Supervisione dei sistemi connessi

    Centrali anti intrusione, Controllo accessi, I/O Remoti, DVR Esterni