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SmarTekPole multi-function technology pole ideal for setting up modern Smart Road infrastructures suitable for the technological management of roads through various types of sensors installed on board;

SmarTekPole can accommodate devices for digital communication between the ground infrastructure and C-V2X vehicles to support drivers through messages and information and alarm signals that appear directly in the dashboards of vehicles in transit. SmarTekPole has a series of optional equipment designed to be seamless integrated into the elegant shape of the pole that provides: manage the power supply, check its correct operation and protect the equipment from weather agents and any vandalism.

SmarTekPole is equipped with a series of validated accessories that, installed onboard in various configurations, allow fast and reliable deployment of the infrastructure you want to create, configuring each pole with the desired devices so that it adapts in the best way to the stretch of road entrusted to its control.
The simplicity of remote control and maintenance on the road, robustness, design, characterize the SmarTekPole product as one of the most practical, flexible, and technological solutions on the market today.

  • Multifunctional road technology pole;
  • Height 8m all-inclusive;
  • N° 3 rings with multi-colour LED lighting that can be controlled remotely;
  • N° 4 mechanical independent sections of pole designed to hold Camera, radar and ANPR, that can rotate independently up to 360° (patent-pending).  
  • Possibility of video surveillance camera integration; software option with AID (Automatic Incident Detection) road functions on-board the camera; software option with weather detection functions onboard the camera
  • Possibility of integrating 2-lane ANPR camera certified UNI-10772: 2016 class A, ADR Kemler-Code; vehicle counting, vehicle classification in 5 days and 4 classes in the night; brand recognition; colour recognition
  • Possibility of integration road radar 2 lanes 66-GHz; speed detection functions, counting for each lane, vehicle classification for each lane, real-time video streaming ONVIF S profile
  • Possibility of integration of the C-V2x module which supports the following standards: WiFi 802.11 p (DSRC); WiFi 802.11 b / g / n; WiFi 802.11 a / ac; CV2x LTE-A; OPEN RAN
  • Integrated multi-antenna device
  • Power supply Pole and optional POE modules
  • Made of special alloy iron with particular surface treatment
  • The various optional devices can also be added to the pole at a later time

Technical features

External diameter324 mm
Pole wall thickness4 mm
Installationon a prefabricated concrete plinth or on the plinth with log bolts
InsertM10 for grounding and slot for cable entry
Lighting design3 LED circular crowns made of white polyethene
ConstructionERW iron pipe S 235 JR (UNI EN 10025)
Surface treatmentcold galvanizing;
Paintingpolyester powders in RAL9005 colour.
PredispositionOrientable 360° mechanical housing for camera 5 MPixel bullet v-POLE CCTV for video surveillance & traffic analysis A.I.D.  (Automatic Incident Detection)
PredispositionOrientable 360° mechanical housing for v-POLE LANE A5B license plate reading camera or similar
PredispositionOrientable 360° mechanical housing for v-POLE RAD camera+radar device.
PredispositionHooking with technological well serving the pole
Predisposition Containment of WiFi Roadside Unit (RSU) equipment.
PredispositionUpper terminal for antennas made of polyethene (material specification
Weightabout 200 Kg
Wind resistance200 Km / h
ConsumptionMax. 150W with all optional devices installed (full configuration)