The universal platform for the security and traffic management world: scalable, accessible, intelligent, cloud or private

A complete range of vertical applications dedicated to the professionals of Security and Traffic Management , business softwares and consumer to enable industry partners to better manage and control their products and deliver new services to their customers.

The advantages of using a suite instead of a single program

Looking back to the recent past, can realize that the world of electronics, information technology and therefore also security, is changing. Topics such as TVCC control, traffic management, diagnostic systems etc … have always been managed individually, with software dedicated to their specific features. In today’s world we need transition to a new paradigm, we no longer speak only of devices or software, but we talk about artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and Smartcity, that is in a few words of data, sharing and analysis , stretegy. Nowadays, just a simple plate can warn us of a danger, and a normal IP camera can alert us to a critical situation automatically.

v-SUITE wants to combine the best of the past and of the present, wants to be an effective and reliable tool in the management of security and traffic but also a sharing tool, a unique environment where a traffic information can become useful to an anti-intrusion system , where a diagnostic data can become a safety indicator, and where, all the information generated by everyone, can be consulted and analyzed together in order to make operational decisions.

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Analyze the traffic
Diagnostic products
General data analysis
Configure your car fleet
Simulate your ANPR system