Vision systems and supervision platforms

Vigilate is an Italian company operating in the fields of Security and Traffic Control, specialized in the production of technology products and image analysis software.
Vigilate was founded in 2016 by a management buy-out operation of ETH Security, which was formed in 2012 by the Eurotech Group Spa.
Since then, Vigilate has been steadily growing rapidly both in terms of turnover and sales of employees and today boasts a team of 25 highly skilled and innovation-oriented professionals, led by a management company that has been active in the field of security technology products and traffic for more than 20 years, during which it has created and grows different successful companies still in the market.
Vigilate is the ideal partner for those who want to integrate into them their applications, in an easy and reliable way, advanced security and traffic control technologies.
Vigilate design, develops and manufactures highly technological device, based on the winning partnership between high performance hardware and embedded software, developed in order to obtain truly innovative and performing products-functions.
The customer is the center of Vigilate’s business model, as they testify the scrupulous care of the relationship, the high percentage of fidelity and, above all, the speed in meeting the demands by adapting to the customer’s problems. All this, never forget the quality of the proposed solutions and customer support in choosing the most appropriate technologies.
Vigilate provides to its customers a complete range of products, software applications, services and support: the company’s technological solutions are designed to simplify the work of integrating systems of customer companies. High technology combined in ease way of use, innovative products and services to deal with the growing complexity of the systems with simplicity.
This is our belief, our vision, the work which we do every day we develop to affirm our company and its products in the panorama of technological security and traffic solutions.

A complete line of products

The most innovative and winning technologies are to design effective and competitive products and systems.
Our devices are developed with concepts of distributed intelligence approach; each providing a specific function, operated in a complete and reliable way.
This allow to create a new technological architecture distributed and scalable, easy to integrate into logic remote control, or web technology, coming to propose, accomplishments in the Cloud Computing environment.

Product range, effectiveness and reliability of performance, communication and management models of the field, enable you to create a new solution for unanswered problems.

Distributed intelligence approach, complete web remote control, Cloud Computing architectures, change the paradigms of the Vigilate’s technological proposal, overturn the limits and prospects of the traditional market solutions, generating immediate opportunities and simple, cheap and effective solutions.

  • Intelligent video surveillance products
  • Biometric Security Products
  • Plate reading products
  • Control and traffic analysis products
  • Cloud and Private Platforms for Security Management
  • Cloud and Private Platforms for Traffic Management