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Security CCTV

Advanced products and systems for the security industry. The most innovative and winning technologies based on the concept of distributed intelligence devices connected with a Cloud Computing Software Supervisor.


A complete range of Automatic Number Plate Recognition devices used for Security, traffic flow control, parking or private and public access control.


A complete range of products, hardware and software, designed for the Automatic Incident Detection applications and the analysis of the vehicular flow on roads, clearways, motorways and tunnels.


A modern, scalable, Cloud-based integrated platform that makes it easy to manage wide security and traffic applications. The platforms allows to control in the same interface: cameras, intrusion detection systems, fire detection systems, and many more. The platforms are available from the browser and allows many connection simultaneously without any limits in therms of number of devices and users connected.

v-PLATE A1 Context

Discover v-PLATE A1 Context, the new Vigilate Automatic Number Plate Recognition solution.

  • Cloud-ready ANPR camera
  • Readouts accessible in realtime via cloud
  • Plate reading up to 160 Km/h in free-running
  • Integrated Strobes LED Lighting
  • It works in all weather and light conditions
  • On board OCR library
  • Context camera:
    • 1.3 Mpixels color
    • Day&Night Auto-Iris
    • Streaming H264
v-PLATE A1 / A1C Datasheet EN


We design & develop efficient products to make the world more secure.

Security Devices.

Vigilate is the Company specialized in the realization of advanced products and systems for the security industry. The most innovative and winning technologies are used for the realization of effective and competitive products and systems. Vigilates’s products are developed with concepts of distributed intelligence, ensuring each one a specific security function. It follows the possibility of creating distributed and scalable security architectures, which can be easily integrated in control logics from remote, or in web technology, even arriving to propose, only ones in the world, security architectures in Cloud Computing technology.

  • High-Tech embedded developement

    Low level programming to reach the best performances in digital signal processing

  • Hardware engineering

    Vertical hardware architectures to offer specific solutions

  • ANPR & Security know how

    Years of study and experience on the field

  • Cloud Architecture

    A complete, dynamic, secure Cloud Solution developed by Eurotech Group

  • Cloud Platforms

    Scalable Cloud-based security and traffic platforms.

  • B2B Smartcity Solutions