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Who we are

Experts in the development of high-value technologies

Vigilate, an Italian company founded in 2016, produces and develops high-performance technological solutions, customized based on needs and oriented towards the objective of ensuring greater safety and control in the traffic and security sector.
Innovation, technology and important expertise in the traffic and physical security markets: these are the characteristics that distinguish Vigilate and represent its values.

Vigilate designs, develops and produces technological devices, modeled on the basis of a winning combination of high-performance embedded hardware and dedicated firmware. The solutions are developed with the aim of obtaining extremely innovative and high-performance product-functions.

Manufacturers of high-performance technologies

Vigilate was born in 2016 from a management buy-out operation of the company ETH Security, established in 2012 by the Eurotech Spa group. Operating in the security and traffic control sectors, the company is specializes in the creation of technological products and software of image analysis. Today, Vigilate boasts a team of 45 highly qualified and innovation-oriented professionals. 

Our mission

We interpret the opportunities that the market offers, following and anticipating technological innovations. Vigilate, a protagonist and innovator in the physical security and traffic management sectors, considers technology as a fundamental growth lever, to be exploited to generate further business opportunities for its partners. 

Vision: what sets us apart

Vigilate firmly believes in the potential of its hardware and software systems, constantly seeking increasingly sophisticated solutions capable of optimizing the performance of its technologies. Together with our partners, we build the foundations of new Smart Cities to make citizens’ lives safer and more comfortable.

We look to the future intuitively, proposing reliable, intelligent and smart solutions. 

They choose us

Why choose Vigilate

Vigilate’s management boasts forty years of high-level, pioneering and totally innovative experience: it represents the only Italian company capable of innovating and creating new paradigms in computer vision, security and smart data management.
The Vigilate team has designed and developed important projects with computer vision and smart cameras, as well as complex ANPR Vehicle Recognition, Law Enforcement, traffic control and Homeland Security systems. 

Join our team

Vigilate invests in the potential of its collaborators, offering a dynamic, young and stimulating working environment. 

Discover our certifications

Vigilate, thanks to the experience gained over the years, has obtained important certifications that qualify its activity: find out more.