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Configure devices with Configurator

The installation and configuration phase is always the most delicate, Vigilate offers you a universal tool to remotely configure the products installed in the field. v-Configurator is the ideal tool for configuring and maintaining device settings. 

The v-Suite service used for commissioning and configuring Vigilate devices

Configurator allows you to centralize all device configuration processes and make mass changes to the installed fleet of machines. 


  • General state of the installed fleet.
  • Massive management of privacy settings.
  • General configuration level.
  • User profile management.
  • System parameters.
  • Basic and advanced OCR parameters.
  • Calibration of video analysis algorithms.
  • Configuration of data exchange protocols.
  • Management of events and actions.
  • Info and firmware updates.
  • Video streaming supervision.
  • Recovery and reboot.

Universal tool for remote configuration

Configurator allows you to directly access the single product or make multiple settings on multiple products simultaneously.

Vigilate offers you a universal tool for remotely configuring products installed in the field, an ideal tool for configuring and maintaining device settings and tuning quickly and securely directly from the v-Suite platform.

V-Configurator also has a special area dedicated to the management of versioning relating to the firmware of the installed Vigilate products. This area allows the automatic download of the latest versions of the product firmware and perform the update on the products of your system. 


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