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Supervise device operation with Diagnostics

v-Diagnostic is an application dedicated to managing the functional aspect of the products and devices present in the systems connected to the platform, it allows you to be constantly informed on the correct functioning of the devices and intervene promptly in the event of technical unexpected events.

Diagnostics of functional parameters

Performance control update status

Management of system critical issues

Periodic analysis

Preventive analysis

Historical log and diagnostic events

The v-Suite service used for the management, supervision and maintenance of Vigilate products

v-Diagnostic manages privacy-free information and therefore allows third-party structures to provide system surveillance and maintenance services in a B2B logic.


  • General diagnostics and alarm signaling if set thresholds are exceeded.
  • Product update status.
  • Storage space available/occupied.
  • Device temperatures.
  • Processor usage.
  • Memory usage.
  • Communication channel status.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Analysis of the operating state.
  • Checking the effectiveness of the application over time.

Intuitive dashboards with real-time operation

v-Diagnostic is made up of a series of dashboards that report the operating information of the devices with views both in real time and for historical data. The application also generates technical alarm events, which are reported on the platform and which allow operators or maintenance workers to be immediately informed of any equipment faults in their system.

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