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The software dedicated to the management and supervision of non-paid car parks.

Logipark is a software application designed for the integrated management of non-paid car parks with barrier entrances.

Smooth and efficient management of parking areas

Useful for companies, hospitals, hotels, port car parks, logistics companies that must manage their internal parking areas without direct payment but according to clear and controlled access criteria.


  • Georeferenced cartographic map (Google Maps, Open Street Map or image), which allows rapid management of car parks scattered throughout the area. With indication of the position of the car parks and the number of free/occupied spaces.
  • Real-time access display page configurable per user.
  • Real-time display of the filling status of each car park..
  • System protected by authentication with different levels of authorization.
  • Advanced transit search and export functionality in different formats.
  • Calculation of time spent by vehicles in the car park with the possibility of exporting to payment/invoicing systems.

More information for security and statistical analysis

Logipark can be integrated into existing parking systems to provide additional information useful for statistical and security purposes, allows you to manage access rights from subscriptions, temporary permit titles, employee rights, associations of multiple vehicles per individual and many others criteria necessary to automate and effectively control authorized access to assigned parking areas.

The simple but extremely scalable architecture with which it was designed allows the implementation of new features at any time and the interfacing with new devices to create new access rules and actions. 


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