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Vehicle logistics control for check-in, loading, unloading and checkout operations

Safety management in logistics and loading and unloading processes

Useful for logistics companies, wholesalers and in general for those companies that have a lot of traffic flow of incoming and outgoing heavy vehicles. 


  • Management of the arrival of the vehicle
  • Procedures for accessing the loading/unloading bay
  • License plate weight association
  • Interfacing with internal management systems
  • Check in and check out procedures


Logiweight finds its potential in the integration with the devices and systems supplied to the company where it is installed, therefore, a phase of customization and integration of the product is necessary which varies from company to company.

Control and management of the loading/unloading processes of vehicles arriving and leaving the company.

The integration between vehicle and trailer license plate numbers with weight allows for complete control both for the purposes of quality of service and internal safety. The information acquired is aggregated and analyzed based on configurable rules that produce a series of results such as weight control and loading/unloading bay management. Based on the results obtained, a series of actions can be undertaken: sending emails, sending text messages and Telegrams, opening bars and gates, publishing messages on variable messaging panels, alerting the operator and many others.

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