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The scalable software for managing security in Cloud computing and Private local

Xentinel is the integrated, modern, scalable security application, capable of managing in a simple and homogeneous way the devices and systems that make up modern security infrastructures such as: video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion systems, fire prevention systems and much more .

CCTV control

Realtime video supervision and historical videos

Alarm management

Alarm events, management procedures, event history

Supervision of connected systems

Anti-intrusion control units, access control, remote I/O, external DVRs

Graphical integration with systems

Nested maps and graphic representation of recording and sensor devices

Simultaneous management and supervision of multiple systems

Remote control of multiple connected systems for installations distributed across the territory


  • Management of nested bitmap maps.
  • Management of multiple sites.
  • Graphic layout of all devices with coverage area.
  • Graphic display of the hardware status of the system with indication of any anomalies.
  • Management of user permissions.
  • Graphical alarm management.
  • Viewing and searching event/alarm history.
  • CCTV: Real-time viewing of IP or analog cameras.
  • CCTV: Video history viewing, remote playback.
  • CCTV: downland of portions of recording in standard video format (h264).
  • CCTV: Videowall module with various formats.
  • CCTV: pan, tilt, zoom, preset and tour management for dome cameras.
  • CCTV: definition and execution of virtual patrolling operations.
  • XWall client module for local PC for simultaneously opening a large number of video streams (fixed guard).
  • Anti-intrusion: real-time sensor status.
  • Anti-intrusion: activation and deactivation of areas.
  • Anti-intrusion: automatic and manual exclusion of faulty sensors.
  • Anti-intrusion: management of calendars for automatic activation / deactivation.
  • Anti-intrusion: alarm management with online management procedures.
  • Anti-intrusion: logical definitions to be applied in the event of an alarm (activation of the output, start of video recording, etc.).
  • Access Control: View status of access points in real time.
  • Access control: historicization of transits and possible generation of alarms.
  • Automation: Remote control of V-ENGINE I/O.
  • Integrated management of security products from the Vigilate range.
  • Real-time alarm, warning, information and log notifications.
  • Email notifications regarding alarms and system diagnostics.

Xwall is a Vigilate's video wall management software

Perfectly integrated with the v-SUITE Xwall web platform in the Desktop version, it offers high local video streaming performance for small, medium and large operations centers.

The ideal application for modern control and supervision centres

The world of operational security can be divided into four main phases: prevention, control, action and investigation. Supervise with its v-SUITE platform and in particular the Xentinel application, it tries to provide valid functions for the management of the last three.

  • Control: quick navigation between the different controlled sites and their internal areas.
  • Immediate consultation of events, maps, devices and videos generated by the various cameras installed.
  • Intelligent systems to help the observer focus attention only on the truly important things or on identifying false alarms.
  • Action: rapid management of alarms and operational procedures for taking charge.
  • Intelligent video wall to accelerate understanding of the current event
  • Distribution of information with a central software also in a web version distributed to various law enforcement agencies
  • Investigation: quick consultation of videos with evidence for critical situations.
  • Clear logs, graphs and reports to understand the history of events.

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